FARMILY was born in 2016 from the needs to agevolate our bartender job and to offer our clients a different twist in there cocktails but still maintaining the speed and the quality standard elevated.

From this concept was firstly born the first line of BOTANIAL SPIRITS with two products: FARMILY MEDITERRANEO and FARMILY ASIA; two spirits mainly addressed to a B2B clientele. Together with these two products, was also born the terminology BOTANICAL SPIRITS: it was our idea to create this new market category in order to properly classify our two babies. The terms expresses clearly the origin of our spirits that are made of purely natural botanics in an innovative way that differentiate these products from the classical canons that regulate the spirits currently on the market.

Furthermore, in 2018 we decided to launch the FARMILY CLASSIC line with its first product: the AMARO. This time, with the AMARO we decided to create a product that could reach a larger public, not only focusing on bartenders and experts of our fields but also engagin our own customers. Also the AMARO, like MEDITERRANEO and ASIA is a product made entirely of natural species.

With these two lines FARMILY has managed to involve both bartenders and regular customers to its family philosophy however, the best is yet to come.